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Taste and Health in a Single Pack

What real food means to us

100% Organic Food From Chemical Free Farms

The ingredients and raw materials we use are grown in our own farm which is off chemical free and hybrid free.

Measured/Pre-Proportioned ingredients

The ingredients are measured and pre-proportioned in a way that it meets the taste calibrations of the preferred meal.

100% Healthy food for a healthy living

Eat organicz is aimed to provide fresh and organic meal plans that effectively match your nutritional requirements.

Easily Disposable

Eat organicz is packed in a way that it can be easily disposed of after your usage which is environment-friendly.

Cook Without Knowing Cooking

Are you are a starter / new to cooking? With eat organicz, you can cook without knowing the basics of it by following the step by step manual

Cook without getting out from the chair

Read Our step by step instructions which is available in our mobile app /available along with the packing thus cooking made very simple & easy

Our Subscription / Order Model

The Order will be Delivered to your Doorstep within 24 hours

3 Steps to a Tasty Food

Get your Pack and added them with Instruction given in it

Cook With Temperature Instruction Provided in the Manual

Switch off the stove and wait Until the Pressure get reduced