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Murungakkai Sambar

Murungakkai Sambar

Eat Organicz

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 Eat Organicz offers this delicious Murgakai Sambar which is 100% organic. With pre-portioned farm fresh ingredients, you can prepare tasty, healthy and organic recipe within 15 minutes even if you don't know cooking.

Tamarind, Salt, Jaggery,  Organic Vegetables,  Asafoetida,  Mustard Seed,  Cumin, Sun-dried Seasoning Spices, Dry Chilli,  Peanut oil, Sambar Powder,  Toor Dal, Garlic.
Utilities Required
Cooking Induction/gas stove, 2 Liter Cooker, Small Vessel, 1 Ladle Spoon, Cooking Knife, Strainer. 

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